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SuNPe, established in 2005, has grown up from a small machining workshop with only several staffs and a few machines to now one of the largest prototyping & manufacturing companies owning 3 plants in China.

From 2008, under the professional leadership, we’ve successfully turned domestic business to international business.Today, we have more than 300 skilled staffs, 100 sets CNC machines, 3 sets vacuum casting machines, and 50 sets other assorted processing machines. SuNPe has owned 8 machining workshops to follow up different kinds of prototype projects, whilst one independent tooling and injection workshop for tooling and low volume production services, which can satisfy global customers’ increasingly huge demands and SuNPe’s sustainable development. In 2016, SuNPe set up the third factory. With more capacities and facilities, which has added some new blood into our system, and shows the world a stronger and better SuNPe.

Our strategy is to be the best professional and reliable partner, hand in hand developing and growing with our customers, to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation. We believe communication is the key to open a new business page, and customer’s feedbacks and suggestions are precious resources to promote our company’s further development. Our aim is to provide high quality, low cost and high efficiency prototypes and products to our customers. We have our long-term cooperative International Express, like UPS, FEDEX and DHL, which can ensure the short delivery time and that has won vigorously support and trust from global clients.

Our mission is to provide our best services to meet our customers’ needs and protect their intellectual proprietary. At SuNPe, customers’ intellectual proprietary are well- protected . All our production data will be securely kept in our network center, only authorized users can access the system. Each employee must take pre-enter company training to follow our production flow, and promise to keep company information secretly. Photos prohibited through the whole workshop area. Supplier NDAs are signed with all of our subcontractors.

Plant 1 – Headquarter, established in 2005

Covers 5000 square meters, with about 120 skilled staff work here. Including CNC center , milling and turning workshop, vacuum casting workshop, surface finish workshop and painting room etc, with 25 set CNC machines and 3 set vacuum casting machines.

Plant 2 – Established in 2011

Covers 3000 square meters, with about 100 skilled staffs work here. Here we have two CNC machining centers with 29 set CNC machines, and one tooling workshop.

Plant 3 – Established in 2016

Covers about 4000 square meters, with more than 90 skilled staffs work here at present. In this new plant, we have 5 CNC machine centers with 5 assisting surface finish workshops. For now, two of them are in use, with 26 set new imported CNC machines.

There will be more high speed machines and testing machines imported to fit customers’ demands and our developing requirements in the following two years.