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The Annual Sales Meeting and Badminton Activity

09-20 2017 195

In the morning of August 20th 2017, we held an annual sales meeting . Everyone at present was active when sharing their useful experiences, feelings and suggestions. We not only summarized the achieve...

The 2017 Friendly Basketball Match for HuiZhou Commercial Union of ZhongShan

09-20 2017 142

    On August 19th 2017, in order to enhance the culture of company as well motivate all-round development of our staff and bond more communication with local enterprise, we held a bask...

Great News! Four-axis and Five-axis CNC Move in SuNPe

09-20 2017 200

In July, 2017,SuNPe imported five sets four-axis CNC machines and two five-axis CNC machines.New equipment put into use right away. Parts delivered were spoken highly ofclients. With the imported...

The Exhibition

04-24 2017 846

SuNPe Spring Festival Evening Party in 2017

01-21 2017 890

Time flies, it soon reached the end of 2016. To commend peoples’ endeavors to work and their great achievements in 2016, we held up Spring Festival Gala on January 21th, 2017, so many wonderful rewards and interesting gala shows from our talented Sales Persons and Factory workers .

New Year Celebration——Sales Team of SuNPe

12-26 2016 767

 After Christmas Day, on December 26th, 2016, we have an importantoutdoor activity to celebrate New Year’s coming . Since SuNPe has growingfaster and stronger, more new blood have recommended in...

New Plant, New Images of SuNPe

12-03 2016 716

On December 3rd, 2016 , SuNPe set up the 3rd plant. More facilities and capacities have been adding in to the system step by step, together, we are going to show the world a better and stronger SuNPe. Today, SuNPe owns three plants, and there will be 5 CNC Centers with 5 assistant surface finish workshop in the new plant, now only two of them has in operation as the company will import more and more equipments to meet customers’ increasingly demands and our company\'s development.