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One Stop Service for Boca Boot Project
Services: Prototyping, injection tooling service, assemble ,packing and deliver.

Material:  ABS, POM, PA6 GF30%,Stainless steel, Spring steel, Foam,

Quantity: prototyping with 1set, injection tooling with 750 sets, assemble 750 sets, packing 750 sets. Each set including 21 different parts.

Lead Time: Prototype lead time 9 working days
                    Tooling manufacture lead time: 30 working days
                    Tooling adjustment: 20 working days
                    Injection for 750sets after sample confirm 15 working days
                    Assemble: 7 working days
                    Packing and deliver: 3 working days
> Step 1
Concepts: The client loves riding a bicycle,it bothers, when he has to take lots of things and biking around town.That’s when he came up with the idea of a bike storage. And he got founds from Kick-starters.
> Step 2
Prototyping: The design is with unique lock to make sure the safety, big space for all kinds of stuff. We did lots of modification during the prototype step to gain the best outlook, the smoothest function. All together this project includes six different materials, three different processes. (CNC with painting, Sheet metal, vacuumcasting)
> Step 3
Mass production Assemble and Packing,deliver and marketing. For the big bucket weight 1.2kg, needs a 1200T injection machine. We prepare for the assembly and packing, while parts are being injected. Instruction guide is made to speed up the assembly. Box on pallets andthen fixed by tap to ensure the safety during the long sea transportation. The shipping takes about a month, the client get the container with all parts safe and sound. The product it's very successfully on the market .

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