As a development partner to leading companies in many industries such as automotive, electronics, consumer goods manufacturing and machinery manufacturing, we combine specific development expertise with individual industry knowledge to deliver innovative, cost-effective and targeted solutions to our customers. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have huge capabilities including engineering design, prototyping and mass manufacturing to get your products into market faster.

SuNPe provides different kinds of rapid prototyping manufacturing services to support your projects. Our techniques services including: CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3D printing, sheet metal prototyping, tooling & injection molding, pressure die casting and extrusion. With different kinds of techniques and machines, our unmatched in-house capacity can meet your needs in a wide range of industries.

We support a broad range of industries with our different kinds of rapid prototyping manufacturing services including:Automotive PartsMedical DevicesConsumer Product & Electronic Equipment and Other Components. Learn how we work with a wide range of industries to provide prototyping and manufacturing solutions to reduce product development time and manufacture high-quality products.