Project Insurance
Sign NDA
We sign the NDA with our customer and also for their projects. Each employee must take pre-enter company training to follow our production flow , and keep company information security . NDA will be signed on board date . As well as for all our suppliers have to sign NDA.

Data security refer ISO27001
We use the ISO27001 as the reference.
All the data will be securely kept at our own network centre , only the authorized staff can access to the centre and review the data.

Production flow
We use the work order system to control each process step ,timeline for each job is very clear for each team . And all the quality or customer requirements will be reflected from the work order.

Quality control 
     We are ISO 9001 certified .

 When quoting , our production engineers will review the data and requirement , and provide the DFM if needed.

 We apply a raw materials control system in SuNPe to make sure all the materials we sourcing is perfectly match the specification of our clients . We also provide testing certifications of materials if required for approval.

 During the production , we guarantee the on-line and off-line inspection to ensure that the parts we produce meet your exact specifications . Quality control will be strictly executed throughout all production steps for quality assurance.

 First article inspection , also support to provide the FAI report.

 Before the packing , we have the final inspection , which will check all the quality details by our QC.

 We are very concerns the safety packing . For different sizes and materials production,we will adopt different packing methods to keep products delivery safely . Parts will be marked with labels of item no. and PO no. for customers to recognize easier.

What make SuNPe be outstanding in quality control ?  Experts from QC team and the advanced inspection equipments absolutely the answer for that .
CMM-Coordinate Measuring Machine

Multi-functional alcohol rubber friction testing machine

Coating thickness gauge


Specular Gloss Meters
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