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CNC Machining and CNC Precision Machining
SuNPe Provides a wide range of CNC service in both plastic and metal block material.Besides,We have set up a new precision workshop in 2018,and we can achieve the best tolerance of +/-0.01MM with 5 axis CNC machines from Hass in USA. 
CNC Machining Centre in SuNPe
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CNC Machining Service

SuNPe has 200 sets CNC machines,Including 3 axis ,4 axis and 5 axis , we offers prototypes in high efficiency with the max dimension up to 1800mm* 600mm*500mm. We can offer you a variety of CNC machining services including milling, turning, EDM and wire EDM, surface grinding and much more. We have great advantages in cost, lead-time and service with huge capability, senior staff and professional sales team. CNC can machine a range of single block material, both nonmetal and metal as following:

Buff ABS, Black ABS, 94V0 flame retarding ABS, ABS+30%PC, Black Polycarbonate, Transparent Polycarbonate, Acrylic, NYLON 6, NYLON 66, PA6+30%GF , POM, PP, PP+20%GF, PE, TEFLON, PPS, PEEK, PPO, PPE, PEI, PAI, PES etc.. 

Nonmetal Materials and Finishing:(Download PDF File)

Nonmetal Material and Finishing

Aluminum Alloy, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, M303E (high chrome content steel), Zinc, Brass, Red Copper, Bronze etc..

Metal Materials and Finishing:(Download PDF File)
Metal Material and Finishing


Advantages of CNC Machining from SuNPe

  Huge capacity
  Speed of delivery
  Great part quality
  Various type of materials
  Rich experience
  Highly competitive service
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