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3D Printing(SLA/SLS/Metal Printing)
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Type of 3D Printing in SuNPe

SLA,SLS and Metal Printing
Stereolithography - SLA Prototyping

To be better support our customers, SuNPe also offers SLA and SLS services.
A special type of liquid plastic is used that reacts with ultraviolet (UV) light to form a solid. An object is created by slowly curing one layer at a time using a programmable UV light source. 
The Advantages of SLA:
1. Reduces per-unit costs on low- to medium-sized runs.
2. Cuts finishing time and enjoy the best surface quality available from any  3D printing.
3. Identifies design flaws early with true-to-design accuracy and surface finish.
4. Produces large, whole parts and cut both the time required for assembly and part weakness associated with attachment points.
allows us to build parts using the most suitable machine and location(s), if the size of your project requires it. 
SLA rapid prototypes are delivered typically within 7-10 days from the supply of customers' design data.
>> SLA Material Datasheet:(Download PDF File)

Sample built by SuNPe for Exhibition>>

SLS high precision production:

SLS is a process that Infrared laser beam selectively sintered solid powder layer by layer, layer by layer to get the required parts.
The advantage of SLS machined: 
Produced selective laser sintered parts with intricate and or complex geometry's, limited accessibility, strong materials.
Inexpensive compared to its conventional counterparts, requiring no hard tooling as with plastic injection molding.

>> SLS Material Datasheet:(Download PDF File)
Technical data sheet EOS ALUMIDE.pdf
SuNPe also can provide the 3D printing service of metal material for catching the customer's demand.

The material of Metal Printing:
SS316L,FSAISI10Mg,1.2709(Maraging Steel)
The surface finish in post production. 

We also can do good jobs for the parts to be painted and textured and looks good surface in post production. And our in-house painting would better match most looks.
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