Medical Devices

With the rapid development of medicine, the need for new equipment has increased. However, in most of the time, the medical companies will need to see a prototype. This will ensure that the product actually works as expected. Because it involves life, there is little space for error, and the prototype must be an exact copy of the final product.

SuNPe is professional in the mold design, mold manufacturing and production of customized medical products, such as medical sterile disposable, Syringe or other equipment/accessories. Material is normally used in medical grade or food grade PC, PP, POM, HDPE..... Materials, colors, surface can be customized. SuNPe are committed to providing technology and prototyping support for healthcare professionals and hospitals to develop innovations.

Different Technologies for Medical Devices

At SuNPe, we provide different precision machining technologies to meet unique needs of our clients' medical prototypes, including:

CNC Machining---including milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM, and surface grinding.

Sheet Metal---from punching, stamping, drilling and laser to surface finishing.

Vacuum Casting---is a widely used process in rapid prototyping

Injection Molding--- is the most common industry way to manufacture plastic parts, especially when making larger quantities.

3D Printing--- from various materials, using different processes such as SLA, SLS, DLP, MJF, FDM.

CNC Machining for Medical Devices

At SuNPe, our multi-axis CNC machining is very suitable for using medical grade plastics and metals to manufacture precision parts for medical industry. The strict tolerances provided by CNC machining are critical to the high performance of machining medical components. Our huge capacity of CNC machining can well serve the medical equipment industry with short lead times, small tolerances and multiple parts combinations.

Medical Part CNC Machining PMMA Polished to fully transparent
Medical Part CNC Machining PMMA Polished to fully transparent
Medical Parts CNC Machining Painted
Medical Parts CNC Machining Painted
Car Lens CNC machining ABS Painting black color, Glossy
Car Lens CNC machining ABS Painting black color, Glossy

Sheet Metal for Medical Devices

Medical Parts Sheet Metal AL5052 Deburr
Car Parts Injection Molding ABS matte

At SuNPe, we provide services for high quality sheet metal parts prototyping and low volume production, especially in the medical industry where we can produce precision parts with very small tolerances. With a range of metals and thicknesses to choose from, SuNPe is able to offer clients anything from just a few parts to hundreds of them.

Vacuum Casting for Medical Devices

Vacuum casting has been used to produce a host of plastic prototypes for consumer goods and product marketing, also has been used in wide industries like medical equipment. SuNPe's vaccum casting technology can make the part with different colors by mixing the material color, as well as the clear part. Of course, we provide a variety of materials for you to choose, such as Transparent PU, Soft plastic PU, ABS PU, PP/PE PU, Polycarbonate PU and so on to support your medical devices.
Medical Parts Vacuum Casting PU8400 White color, matte
Medical Parts Vacuum Casting PU8400 White color, matte

Injection Molding for Medical Devices

Medical Parts Injection Molding ABS White color, matte
Medical Parts Injection Molding ABS White color, matte

At SuNPe, our injection molding service is suitable for the production of quick injection molding using a variety of tool steels, and can use medical and food grade plastic resins to manufacture components and housings for your high volume medical applications. To shorten lead-time and reduce cost, we share the mold base and different mold cavity. The material used will depend on the type of resin, characteristics of the parts and the number of parts you required.

Case Study for Medical Devices

SuNPe takes full advantage of our manufacturing capabilities to provide the best manufacturing solutions for the diverse needs of our customers in the medical industry. Here is a case study of Nasal Speculum, which I hope it will help you better understand our production process.

Nasal Speculum:

SuNPe helped this with our CNC machining and 3D printing services in the design stages. Then do plastic injection molding and metal injection moulding to produce series products. Finally we packed them as one suit, then our customer can use them directly. At SuNPe, your products can be perfectly presented from the design stage to the market stage.

Car Parts 3D Printing (SLA) Somos EvoLVe 128 Painted grey primer

Manufacturing Solutions for Medical Devices at SuNPe

Our experienced team can provide you with fast and efficient prototyping to low volume production. To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities or to start prototyping of your medical device, please contact us or request a quotation now.