Vacuum Casting / Urethane Casting Service at SuNPe

Owns 10 sets of vacuum casting machines

The typical lead time is 7 working days for 10 parts, can expedite if needed

Maximum casting dimension is 2200mm*1200mm *1000mm

Rapid replication of 1-50 pieces of functional prototypes

Close the gap between prototype and production

What industries vacuum casting apply in?

Scientific Industry

Scientific parts processed by vacuum casting can meet the requirements of the verification structure, performance and assembly before mass production, and it can also carry out low-volume production to quickly seize the market and get the first chance!

Consumer Industry

SuNPe always has been building prototypes and parts for the consumer products industry, the food grade plastic material and good surface finish can meet your requirement, also we have a stronger production team to help you done the assembly.

Medical Industry

Due to the wide availability of plastic materials(ABS-like, transparent PC/PMMA-like, nylon-like), vacuum casting is widely used in the medical devices industry. From design to production which can test the function, out surface, assembly issue to ensure everything is perfect at prototyping and low-volume production stage.

Automotive Industry

Vacuum Casting process is very advantageous in the production of some auto parts with large volume, high temperature resistance(Max 220℃), high intensity and UV protection. Such as car front bar, back bar, wiper cover, car ABC column interior plate, and more interior parts can be completed.