Consumer Products Manufacturing

From Prototype

To Low-volume Production

Consumer products and FMCG markets constantly adapt to developing client demand and trends. With the development of cycles, shortness and market conditions. More and more companies rely on prototypes to carry out. The extensive testing is required to ensure optimal product performance. Our customers’ consumer product projects use for exhibition pieces for a trade show or put in their exhibition halls around the world on display. At SuNPe, we have enormous capacities to sustain your project from prototype to low-volume production

How does SuNPe support your consumer products from design to life?

Consumer Products Manufacturing

Commercial Products

Cosmetic surfaces and texture feel are important for commercial products. We have a wide range of seamless surface finishing services in-house. They include all kinds of colors in matte, gloss, metallic, rubberized, clear coat anodizing, chrome plating, or powder coating to achieve the look and performance you need.

Manufacturing Solutions for Consumer Products at SuNPe

At SuNPe, we provide consumer products manufacturing. With prototyping to low-volume production services like CNC machining, vacuum casting, plastic injection molding pressure die-casting technologies. Our professional engineer team has the knowledge and skills. We can help you bring the new product concepts to life. To more information about our capabilities. And how we serve the consumer product manufacturing industry. Contact us  and request a free quote today.