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Automotive Parts Manufacturing at SuNPe

SuNPe’s development in the automotive industry

Since 2009, SuNPe has been providing CNC machining services for Automotive Parts. SuNPe has extensive experience to provide rapid prototyping and production services like CNC machining, Injection molding, Sheet Metal etc. in automotive industry. With our one-stop services from prototyping to low-volume production, SuNPe are able to achieve your desired parts by turning original design into market products. Till now, SuNPe as Tier 1 supplier for many well-known automobile brands.

What services can we provide to the automotive industry?

3D Printing for Automotive Parts

3D printing can transform 3D designs into real objects more accurately and in less time, increasing production efficiency at the vehicle design level. It allows manufacturers to correct and improve designs in the early stage, such as the car part shown below. For those complicated structure parts like grille, engine etc, we usually do 3D printing to make sure all the features can be printed, both plastic and metal printing are ok for us to do.

Vacuum Casting for Automotive Parts

At SuNPe, we make CNC master and silicone mold for low-volume manufacturing, especially when quantity for dozens to hundreds of parts. The CNC master and silicone mold can be recycle used to save time and cost. The material used will depend on the type of resin, characteristics of the parts and the number of parts you required.

Injection Molding for Automotive Parts

At SuNPe, our injection molding service can satisfy our customer low-volume production projects with short time and high quality. We can provide various plastic materials, flexibility for color and texture, surface finishing and assembly to achieve your request.

Sheet Metal for Automotive Parts

Sheet metal manufacturing provides opportunities for the vehicle industry to produce high-quality and light-weight components, like metal stamping latch, metal stamping car door, metal pressing battery case housing. For unified thickness metal parts, they can be manufactured by Sheet Metal.

Die Casting for Automotive Parts

At SuNPe, our pressure die casting is an ideal method for making large quantities of metal parts. We provide cast parts in aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

Why SuNPe for Automotive Projects?

SuNPe passed the IATF 16949 certification which can ensure that adhere to the strict technical specifications laid out in the standard.

SuNP IATF 16949

Manufacturing Solutions for Automotive Parts at SuNPe

Our expert team has extensive project experience and can provide rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions for automotive industry customers. Contact us to learn how we can help you manufacture automotive components to get into market faster.