Now the world is moving to industry 4.0, it's accompany with a phenomenon that, the needs of AI Industrial equipment(or you can say Intelligent Products) increasing rapidly and we keep using the existing machines which are made years ago for manufacturing assistance in the meanwhile. It means that developing new industrial machinery is as critical as producing mechanical parts for existing machines to keep their long life period. With huge capacity and manufacturing ablities, SuNPe supports various industrial projects from prototyping to low volume production.

Common Industrial Applications SuNPe Produce

Machinery and tool parts

We are able to make metal or non-metal parts for new machinery project in prototyping stage to design verification, market analyse, exhibition, and we also can produce low volume mechanical tool parts for machines running, old parts replacing, etc.

Robotics Manufacturing

We provide 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting to help with robotic devices and applications prototyping for testing and verification, and small quantity pilot manufacturing is available for you. We make sure the project is made with the most competitive solution and optimal material.

Agricultural Machinery

We help to promote intelligent agricultural machinery project and relevant products develop and launch as soon as possible to meet the rapidly changed market needs. For the unique environment for these parts’ usage, special after treatment such as passivation, ZI-NI coating and so on will be provided to make them more wear-resistant and preservative.

Building and Construction

Besides some scale building models printed by 3D printing for exhibitions, we also have ability to produce the real products for interior decoration and construction, such as extrused floor track, beam chord, special decoration metal parts, etc.

Manufacturing Solutions for Industrial Equipment at SuNPe

We are honored to help our customer to produce any products they need, we look forward to working with companies around the world to create value. If you are looking for a reliable supplier for prototype to low-volume production project, we believe SuNPe it’s your best choice. Contact us to start your projects now.