Comparison of Electroplating Chrome and Vacuum Chrome

Comparison of Electroplating Chrome and Vacuum Chrome

2022-07-28 08:58:02
SuNPe provides electroplating chrome and vacuum chrome plating, they are often used in some auto parts, industrial tools, electronic products and accessories, etc.

Electroplating chrome: it is to place the part in the salt-containing solution, and make the metal film adhere to the surface of the part through electrolysis. The surface of the part after electroplating chrome is very shiny, looks like a mirror, and is corrosion resistant.

Vacuum chrome plating: it is a kind of chromium layer formed on the surface of the part by ion evaporation in a vacuum chamber. If you do a glossy finish, the effect of vacuum chrome plating is also very shiny.

If you need to make other textures, it is also be OK with us, such as the plier below, we can make it matte chrome finish.

Then how should we choose the right chrome method to apply to your project?

Electroplating chrome:

1.good corrosion resistance
2.good wear resistance will be more suitable for functional products such as lights and tools. to enhance their durability

Vacuum chrome plating: 

1.vacuum chrome plating is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly
2.more suitable for decorative products, because the wear resistance of vacuum chrome plating is not very good as electroplating chrome. takes less time

Chrome plating is widely used in our lives, such as our glasses, home appliances, bicycles, tools, etc products will have chrome plating finish, we also have a lot of experience in chrome plating, please feel free to contact us for more information to help with your project.