New Plant, New Production Capacity of SuNPe

New Plant, New Production Capacity of SuNPe

2020-10-30 11:55:48

In June 2019, the fourth plant of SuNPe was began trial and is in use officially now. The new plant covers about 12000 square meters and with more than 50 skilled staffs, included a CNC workshop, an Injection Moulding & Injection workshop, a Die Casting work shop, two Vacuum Casting workshop, a surface finish workshop and a 3D printing workshop. Our production capacity has been increased, which can provide better services for customers from prototyping to low-volume production.

The environment of the new plant




Mold processing workshop



Mold assembly workshop


Molding injection workshop


CNC workshop


Die Casting Workshop





Vacuum Casting Workshop




The Surface Finish Workshop





Office area