How to Custom-Made a whole Unique Wheel at SuNPe?

How to Custom-Made a whole Unique Wheel at SuNPe?

2022-07-30 14:26:52
SuNPe specializes in prototyping to low volume production,we can help your any idea comes true easily .With series of techniques, not matter how complicated the design is or how many techniques involves, we can provide a package of services for you,we are your reliable supplier. Below is a successful Unique Wheel we have made for our customer with high reputation .

CNC Machining involves in Unique Wheel produce.

CNC machining is a manufacturing process which uses pre-programming computer software to control the tools and mill/machine the products.The software can be used to control a range of complex machinery.
Fast Speed, Accurate and Highly Feasibility are the most significant features of CNC.
At SuNPe,we have more than 200 sets CNC machines, including 5 Axis machines from HAAS in USA, The best tolerance we can achieve is +/-0.01MM.


(CNC Prototyping&Low Volume Production.)


Color Anodized achieve good surface finish for unique wheel components.


(CNC Milled Aluminum&Anodized.)


Anodized Colors and Texture.

At SuNPe, anodizing can achieve a variety of colors and textures, We can meet customer requirements well by our ability.


(Multiple color and texture for Anodized.)


Vacuum Casting Application for Custom-Made Rubber tire of the unique wheel.

Rubber Prototype can be made by vacuum casting and 3D printing, The hardness range is ShoreA20—90 , You can choose the best one you want .


(Vacuum Casting Rubber;3D Printing Rubber;Polyjet Rubber.)

Assembly the whole custom-made wheel at SuNPe.

All components are machined and fit together, a perfect wheel is born from idea and comes to reality.
CNC is widely used in Automotive, Medical, Home Appliances, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and other industries.Check with our Low volume production service here to learn more info from SuNPe's Prototyping and low volume production capacities.

(CNC Customize Wheel;CNC Milled Wheel components;CNC Customize machining;Low Volume production.)