SuNPe held a high-lever speech election for the management representative and excellent staff.

2020-10-30 12:11:32

At SuNPe, we do believe that it is never too late to learn,so we keep improving and learning. In order to enrich the management team and create an“open, fair, competitive, and merit”selection and  employment environment. On 14th January,2020,            SuNPe held a high-lever speech election for the management representative and excellent employee, and more than 60 employees participated in the conference. 


This was a very solemn election conference, all directors and general managers served as judges. Also  there would be presented as an inspiring speech at  2020 annual party ,which  will be held on 19th January, 2020, to inspire all employees  in SuNPe to be  a better man.


During the election process, everyone's speeches were excellent. Finally there the winners born:one sale representative  and one engineer manager. We firmly believe that “customer-centric and quality is everything”.The main message of the winners’ speech was “How to be a SuNPe guy and how to grow with SuNPe”. Make everything big or small, complex or simple, just do it carefully, without excuses, and end with perfect results,that is we are working for.                        Be down-to-earth, improve self-worth, know gratitude, be responsbile,this is the spirit of SuNPe.                                                                                                         And we are ready to provide the best services from prototyping to low volume production to you all the time. Let's begin the interaction!