How many polishing methods in the surface finishing?

How many polishing methods in the surface finishing?

2022-07-27 08:46:43
At SuNPe, we can offer a wide variety of surface finishing like polishing, sandblasting, Anodizing, painting, electroplating and so on.

Do you know how many methods to polish? Now let's talk about polishing.

1.Mechanical polishing-CNC machining part

Mechanical polishing is a polishing method by use some CNC machining tools cut the surface of the material to get a smooth surface. We can also use nylon cloth, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc. to achieve a smooth finish by hand.

2. Tumbling –Lathe part and CNC machining part

Tumbling is the use of a horizontal roller in which the part is placed and rolled repeatedly using sand or ceramic fragments. Tumbling is suitable for deburring, degusting, chamfering and bright polishing of various parts of metal, non-ferrous and non-metallic products. It is especially suitable for surface finish machining of easily deformed parts. The advantage is a small amount of manual operation and low cost.
Before the tumbling,After the tumbling
 (Before the tumbling)                                             (After the tumbling)
Tumbling finish
(Tumbling finish)


3. Fumigation/vapor polishing-CNC machined transparent part

CNC machined PC and PMMA part, vapor polishing can make them transparent as a surface finish method. It works by heating the fumigant, putting the part in the steam, and the part becomes transparent.
CNC machined with PC part
 (CNC machined with PC part)

4. Vapor Smoothing-3D printing part

The 3D printed parts are dipped in steam tanks with liquids that have reached boiling point at the bottom. The rising vapor can melt a layer of about 2 microns on the surface of the part, turning it bare and shiny in seconds. Vapor smoothing technology is widely used in consumer electronics, prototyping and medical applications.
3D printing part
(3D printing part)


5. Chemical polishing-CNC machining metal part

Chemical polishing is to make the microscopically protruding part of the material dissolve preferentially over the concave part in the chemical medium, so as to obtain a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it does not need complex equipment, can polish part with complex shapes, and can polish many parts at the same time, with high efficiency.
Copper part with Chemical polishing
(Copper part with Chemical polishing)


6. Electrolytic polishing-CNC machining metal part

Electrolytic polishing uses the part to be polished as the anode, the insoluble metal as the cathode, the two poles are immersed in the electrolytic cell at the same time, and the direct current is applied to generate selective anode dissolution, so as to achieve the effect of increasing the brightness of the part surface.

Advantages of electro polishing :

1)The inner and outer surfaces have the same color and lustre, and the luster is long-lasting, and the recesses that cannot be thrown by mechanical polishing can also be leveled.

2)High productivity.

3)Increase the corrosion resistance of the part surface.
Steel part with electrolytic polishing
(Steel part with electrolytic polishing)

These are the common polishing methods, if you want to learn more about the surface finishing, please feel free to contact us.