The Safety Meeting and Fire Drill Activity at Headquarters of SuNPe

2019-10-30 11:10:20


In order to further enhance the company safety work, strengthen the staff fire awareness, and we are in line with the principle of "safety first and precaution crucial" and the idea of "people-oriented", to improve the staff ability of self-help and prevention, and make us evacuate orderly and promptly in accordance with the fire escape route, and to ensure the life safety and the company's fire safety, so SuNPe held a safety meeting and fire drill activity at headquarters on 11th, Dec., 2017.


At 8 o'clock, all staff arrived on time, and general manager Peter Su host the safety meeting personally, explained us the basic knowledge of fire safety, for example, the methods of calling the fire alarm and fire prevention, the methods of self-help and escape when fire breaking out, etc.. Next then, the professional people demonstrated us how to use fire extinguisher, and this make us master how to use fire extinguisher correctly.


The fire drill activity finished smoothly, made the abstract safety drill into a concrete combat exercise, so that we know the response measures basically when fire breaking out, it greatly strengthen the staff safety awareness, self-help ability and makes our factory more secure, so that we can offer a better service to customer.