SuNPe Keeps A Positive Attitude Under The Covid-19: Be Positive, Be Energetic

SuNPe Keeps A Positive Attitude Under The Covid-19: Be Positive, Be Energetic

2021-01-09 11:01:33

Under the covid-19 epidemic, SuNPe needs to strengthen the company culture and building relationships with each staff across the company. In order to maintain our physical and mental health, SuNPe team organized a trip to Hainan. During this tour, SuNPe members have both enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery and fully felt the sense of “staying positive”.

SuNPe Team On The Way To Sanya

Hiking is a good way for the body and mind which practices SuNPe cooperating and service spirits for our customers. SuNPe team went hiking in the Yalong Bay Tropic Paradise Forest Park, which effectively exercised our perseverance and endurance. Here attached are the photos of the hiking.

SuNPe team divided into many groups and each team had its own theme on their way to hike.



SuNPe Teams Hiking In Mountains

Due to the tight itinerary, SuNPe groups set up a goal to visit all hot spots in a limited time. The groups hurry up with the good organization and race against time. With the effort of every team member, SuNPe has achieved the goals and took beautiful photos with the team for a good memory.

At the same time, SuNPe also organized different team-building activities which effectively combined team cooperation and goal-oriented.

Hand in hand for not only in the work but also in life.

In these activities, it requires each member to show up the spirit of mutual assistance to achieve game results. These sports can fully reflect the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. Same in the work, to achieve greater success, each group needs to set up goals every day and make full use of our time to achieve it, Then they can award a sense of accomplishment.

The purposes of these activities are to promote exercise awareness and improve physical health. SuNPe keeps a positive attitude in the current environment. Just as our quotes: be energetic, be efficient.

SuNPe is a young and energetic team. SuNPe team believe in innovative strategies. Maintaining a positive attitude during COVID-19, the SuNPe team always keeps a positive mindset in both work and life. SuNPe hopes the world to recover and back to normal as soon as possible. SuNPe, a company with passion and will always be with you for a better service and partnership.