How does SuNPe help with surface texture?

How does SuNPe help with surface texture?

2022-08-09 08:57:40

What is surface texture?

Surface texture or surface topography, is the nature of a surface as defined by the three characteristics of lay, surface roughness, and waviness. It comprises the small, local deviations of a surface from the perfectly flat idea.

(Fine sandblasting surface and anodizing,silk screen)


Why we need texture?

When selecting a surface finish at prototyping stage, texture is important for aesthetics and performance, different texture finish will give different look and use on products.
Some parts require a good surface roughness to reduce friction, while some parts require a heavier texture to increase holding power. Glossy texture shows a good looking while matte surface has special purpose.

(matte texture on internal surface to diffuse light)

            ( Heavier texture on surface)                             ( Shiny texture on torch parts,high gloss)


How does SuNPe get different textures?

There are different surface textures such as smooth, matte, rough to shiny and sandblast textures.

Surface Roughness

Roughness is the main component of surface texture. For machined parts, we will use CNC machining tools to cut the surface of the material or grain surface to get the right roughness, you can specify roughness degree, SuNPe will machine parts to meet different roughness and measure surface.

  (Surface Roughness Tester)


Smooth surface

Smooth surface has lower friction coefficients than rough surface, we have different method to smooth and polish part surface.
Surface can be smoothed by tumbling, grinding etc, we also use nylon cloth, wool wheels, sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish.
You are welcomed to check polishing methods in SuNPe for more details.

(Different grit sandpaper to meet different smooth finish)

Textures from matte to shiny

SuNPe's painting finish offers different textures from matte to shiny, we can not only use mould texture such as Mold tech, VDI, SPI, etc, but also can customize the texture according to customer requirement.

(Tool, mould and injection mould texture)

SuNPe has various textures from SP001A-SP010-A, you can check our SuNPe Prototype Texture cards here and we can send you texture cards to choose.

    (painted in glossy texture)                   (painted in matte texture)

Sandblast Texture

Sandblasting is a commonly used surface finish in many products. SuNPe has different beads from finest to roughest 0-320#, 1-240#, 2-220#, 3-180#, 4-150#, 5-120#, 6-100#, 7-80# to 8-60#. We send different sandblast texture samples to help our clients with texture confirmation.

(fine sandblast texture in different roughness)

(heaveier sandblast texture in different roughness)

Different textures can add a different look and use on your products. Please feel free to contact us to find out which texture is best for your products.