SuNPe Holds Weekly PK Competition In Production Workshop

2021-04-05 11:26:20
To better improve our services, SuNPe holds a weekly PK competition in the production workshop. At SuNPe, we are serious about improving production efficiency and quality by optimizing our production management.
Every Monday morning, Sunpi awards the outstanding teams and staff for their excellent performances.
Here are the rewards parts.
During the meetings, awarded employees share their experiences for the work. SuNPe keeps improving internal services according to team communication. You can feel the company culture inside SuNPe.
SuNPe also holds the training to keep learning. SuNPe employees are passionate about learning and growing. The continuous learning is a part of SuNPe’s company culture.
SuNPe pays a lot of attention to our production to make you feel our services are reliable and well served.
We can help you to get your design from prototyping to low-volume production. SuNPe is your professional and reliable partner. Welcome to contact us.