Barrel plating

Barrel plating

2022-07-12 09:00:10
At SuNPe, we can provide various plating processes, for example Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Copper Plating, etc. Chrome plating can give a good appearance for the part, nickel and zinc plating can protect the surface against rust, like the picture as below,


I think everyone knows that the usual practice of plating is to hang the part and then put it into the liquid for plating, especially for large parts. So how do we do electroplating for small parts? We will do it with barrel plating, as shown in the picture below, we put the small parts in a barrel specially used for electroplating, and then put them in the electroplating liquid to get a uniform coating, there is no need to add a hanging point or drill a through hole to hang into the plating liquid as in traditional rack plating.


Below are the advantages and disadvantages of barrel plating, which can help you choose barrel plating for the right project.

1.Barrel plating is faster than rack plating, and can saving lead time
2.Less labor is required compared to the rack plating process, which can save labor costs
3.Since the barrel plating process is rolling, it will get a more uniform plating surface

1.Barrel plating can only be used for small parts like screw, shaft, pins….etc, large parts cannot be barrel plated
2.Barrel plating is not suitable for cosmetic parts due to scratching during rolling