The import of MasterCAM 2020 5-axis software

The import of MasterCAM 2020 5-axis software

2020-10-30 12:03:09

On December 19, 2019, in order to improve the production system of SuNPe group and better serve our customers, SuNPe purchased a set of the latest version of MasterCAM 2020 software.

This set of software is mainly applied to the American Haas 5-axis machines, which had been introduced by SuNPe company last year. It can mill, turn and mill, compound, wire cut and wood carving, shorten the processing time by up to 75%, improve the calculation speed, better guarantee the processed NC program, make sure the surface effect of the products to the greatest extent, and meet the challenges of high efficiency, high precision and low cost product processing.

It's advantages are as follows:
. Further reduce the cycle time
. Any geometric feature can be optimized for cutting
. Simpler tool path and better surface quality
. Strong 2D milling ability.
. 3D milling - more perfect finishing
. Multi axis milling - simplify complexity
. Avoid mistakes - save time and reduce costs.

The perfect combination of MasterCAM 2020 software and 5-axis Haas machines help SuNPe improve production capacity, optimize production management, greatly improve product quality and meet the customer needs.