Fire Drill at new factory of SuNPe, The escort of your projects!

2019-10-30 11:11:20


At 8:00-9:00 AM of December 12th, 2017,  SuNPe held fire drill in the open space at new factory, all staff have took part in the activity and have learn how to deal with the fire accident,The more importance is this training have highly improve their awareness on operating safety. To create safety working environment for customer's projects.

Before the fire drill, our general manager Peter Su made a speech. To emphasize the importance of safety during the operating, he said prevention is more important than rescue, We have to insist on the guide line Safe production, Quality first, To have the escort for our customer's projects ! We believe under wise leadership of Peter, SuNPe will have a great development and better tomorrow.

Each employee have actively participate in, and learning the safety knowledge seriously. Through this fire drill , we have highly improved the ability to quick reaction when accident,  The most important is this activity have strongly enhance the awareness of safety precautions ,improve the efficiency and make sure the safety of all personnel , we also believe that this is a key  precondition for provide high quality parts to our customers on time.